A next-gen trading research & analysis platform to get data-driven insights for better trading decisions. is an ecosystem of AI/ML experts, financial quants, traders. The range of products includes analytical tools & platforms designed to provide insights and analytics through state-of-art financial prediction methods and metrics built with alternate data to make wise trading decisions.
Financial markets including crypto tend to lose their predictability due to a significant volume of trades being executed through sophisticated algos which tend to evolve and improve themselves, this changes the dynamics of price structure formations constantly and thus making financial markets incredibly difficult to predict for humans including price action traders who specializes in understanding and predicting market moves through price structure formations.
With these complexities in financial markets, traders are left with extreme noise and no statistical edge. As the majority of market participants rely solely on news and public opinion on social media and trading signals from dishonest signal providers.
This is where aims to bridge the gap and play a significant role, by providing access to data-driven insights, proven analytical metrics, and a prediction marketplace where financial data scientists can offer results/signals generated through their predictive models as a monthly subscription service. platforms including the marketplace would provide them with a market to sell their model predictions as a service. Thus leveraging and harnessing their skills without the need of dealing with trading operations or having to find a market for their predictive models.


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