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Building an edge in financial markets whether stocks or cryptos requires data-driven insights and intelligence to analyze patterns in market behavior.

Ever since financial markets existed traders around the world have tried predicting price direction in order to make profits. As fundamentally price has always been an indicator of the conviction of buyers and sellers.

Since human behavior is predictable to an extent that traders may get a statistical edge if they manage to predict how other traders would act and accordingly place their own traders.

This gave rise to all the tools in the industry that we know of, candlesticks, chart patterns, and technical indicators.

Over the last 2 decades, things have started changing quite drastically. As per recent studies on financial markets in developed countries, more than 80% of trading volume is generated through algorithms, being executed in powerful computers.

These algorithms are trained to eat liquidity and beat others in the markets. Many of these algorithms are powered by state of art AI.

All of this has made traditional tools highly ineffective in developing a statistical edge in the markets. There have definitely been some developments in the trading tools industry but they still fail to deliver insights to form an edge and beat highly trained algorithms.

We at yPredict.ai is on a mission to develop a new breed of trading tools entirely powered by AI. This wouldn't guarantee an edge but enough to discard noise from the markets and form trading decisions with a much higher statistical edge than with tools currently in the markets.

yPredict Analytics Platform Features:

Pattern Recognition

Auto detection of 100+ chart patterns. Every time a new chart pattern is detected, this tool would give an alert with the pattern name and its confidence score. This score is computed based on pattern performance in recent data.

Sentiment Analysis

Provide an overall sentiment of the news and social media content if it mentions the asset name or symbol, currently being analyzed.

Indicator Analysis

Automatically test hundreds of technical indicators on each asset (symbol) and filter out ineffective indicators and list only the ones which have performed in tests on recent market data.

Transaction Analysis

Analyze transactional/tick data for each asset and develop metrics to provide data-driven useful insights.

Business Model

yPredict Analytics platform is designed to run on a freemium pricing model. Three levels of membership include free, active, and pro trader.

Further details of business model will be shared as we continue to develop the product.

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