Q: Where is yPredict based?

A: yPredict operates from the United States.

Q: How to buy Text Directions

A: Follow below steps Step 1 - Go to the website at yPredict.ai Step 2 - Connect your wallet Step 3 - Choose how you would like to pay (ETH, MATIC, Card, BND, USDT) Step 4 - Choose the amount in US Dollars or Crypto Currency Step 5 - Click buy now Step 6 - You should receive your tokens in the holder's app within 24 hours (The holder's app is located at www.ypredict.ai/app - may take a little longer over the weekend) Step 7 - You will need to claim your tokens 1 day before they go live on BitMart CEX If you are still having issues buying Possible Solutions: šŸš€ Try clearing the cache šŸš€ Try using the internal browser šŸš€ Check you're on the right chain šŸš€ Use Wallet connect

Q: Which network hosts the yPredict token?

A: The yPredict token is hosted on the Polygon network. Various purchasing methods are detailed on our website.

Q: When will yPredict be listed, and at what stage is the project currently?

A: yPredict will be listed upon completion of the presale. We have structured the presale in 8 stages, and we're presently at stage 7.

Q: Q: How does the yPredict presale work?

A: The yPredict presale is structured in 8 stages. Each stage has a specific number of tokens allocated for sale. Once we sell all tokens in a stage, we transition to the next one. Currently, we're in stage 7 (as of x date)

Q: Why can't I buy with ETH on Trustwallet?

A: Please check the browser you're using. If you're using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browser, try clearing the cache. If not, consider using Trustwallet's in-built browser. If it still doesn't work, you can try buying with Metamask's inbuilt browser, we have received far fewer complaints with Metamask.

Q: Will I receive the tokens immediately after purchase, or only upon release?

A: After your purchase, your tokens will be visible on the buy widget after connecting your wallet. Additionally, you would be able to check your balance from the holder's app. If you don't see your balance, reach out to support via [email protected]

Q: Do I need to claim my tokens?

A: Yes, you will need to claim your tokens right before the launch. Please note, it is normal not to see any tokens in your wallet at the moment.

Q: Why aren't my tokens showing in my wallet after purchase?

A: Currently, your tokens will not appear in your wallet but will be visible on the holder's app on our website. You will be able to claim them shortly before listing. If you don't see your balance, reach out to support via [email protected]

Q: Do I need to create a personal wallet outside exchanges to buy the token?

A: Yes, we recommend using Metamask. Please be aware that no one from the yPredict team will ever DM you first. Stay vigilant against scams.

Q: What if I'm not able to complete a transaction?

A: If you're using an inbuilt browser within your wallet, try clearing the cache. Do not click on any links sent to you unsolicited.

Q: Where will the yPredict coin be listed?

A: The yPredict coin will be listed on Bitmart, with more listings to follow.

Q: What is the contract address for yPredict?

A: The contract address is 0xdFaF2680239d678d9551669727b93b62Ad0D18Cc.

Q: Who has audited the yPredict project?

A: The yPredict project has been audited and passed KYC by CoinSult. You can view the report on their GitHub page: https://github.com/Coinsult/solidity/blob/main/Coinsult_YPredictToken_0xdF...18Cc_Audit.pdf

Q: What does vesting mean in the context of yPredict?

A: On the day before the token gets listed on exchanges, you'll receive 50% of your total tokens. You can collect these from the website. The remaining 50% of your tokens will be locked for 6 weeks. This means you won't be able to access them during this period. After the 6 week lockup period, you'll start receiving a portion of your remaining tokens every day for 180 days. This means, for about half a year, you'll receive a small amount of your remaining tokens daily until you've received all of them.

Think of it like a two-part delivery. First, you get half of your tokens immediately. Then, after a short waiting period, you get the rest of your tokens gradually over several months. This method ensures a controlled distribution of the tokens.

Q: How are the funds raised during the yPredict presale used?

A: The funds raised during the yPredict presale are reinvested back into the project to support development, marketing, and other operational expenses.

Q: What is the significance of the yPredict project reaching nearly $1 Million raised despite a general AI Coin Crypto Price Crash?

A: The strong performance of yPredict amid a broader market downturn underscores the confidence investors have in our project. It's a testament to our robust AI-driven prediction model and the strategic value it brings to the crypto market.

Q: What are the benefits of participating in the yPredict presale?

A: Participating in the yPredict presale provides an opportunity to acquire our tokens at a lower price before they're listed on exchanges. Early supporters often have the potential for significant returns if the project performs well.

Q: How can I stay updated on the progress of yPredict?

A: We recommend following our official Twitter account, @ypredict_ai, for real-time updates. You can also visit our website, ypredict.ai, for comprehensive information about our project.

Q: How is yPredict navigating the volatile crypto market?

A: At yPredict, we leverage AI-powered prediction models to navigate market volatility. Our approach allows us to provide valuable insights to our users, helping them make informed investment decisions.

Should you have further queries, feel free to reach out to us. We're here to assist you.

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