yPredict Terminal

A trading platform built for faster, easier, and more advanced executions.

We as a team are aware of the fact that we are truly building cutting-edge trading research and analytical tools for the trading community but the trade execution is as important as the research.

Most trading platforms for cryptocurrencies come with standard features for order execution and are pretty intuitive.

When it comes to features regarding trade execution, We realized most of them are still very basic. Simply providing a trading interface to push orders and provide liquidity shouldn't be enough.

From the years of experience of some of the members of our team, we can emphasize the importance of speed, variety of order types, and order expiration.

Additionally, Ecosystem requires special charts compatible with our yPredict Analytics and Marketplace modules. Inbuilt with instant order placement on a trading signal alert.

Therefore we came up with yPredict Terminal concept, to build a sophisticated trading platform for pro traders.

Business Model

Terminal proposes to generate revenue through swap fees.

More details regarding the business model will be published soon.

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