yPredict Marketplace

Marketplace to connect AI/ML developers and traders
There are millions of AI/ML developers utilizing their skills in financial industries. Many of them have the skills and intelligence to develop sound financial analysis & prediction models with a considerable edge.
With an idea to connect these developers with novice and professional traders, we are working on developing the yPredict Marketplace platform.
An intuitive platform to connect AI/ML developers and traders. Developers can list their model's prediction results as a subscription service. We have named this approach "Results as a Service".
Traders and investors can subscribe to these models on a monthly subscription basis. Results generated by these models would be delivered in real-time through the yPredict platform.
Offering developers a way to generate passive, without having to engage themselves in trading activities. By doing what they love to do, building AI/ML models.
Traders get to choose from hundreds of predictive models and can subscribe to the models of their preference.

Business Model

yPredict Marketplace proposes to charge a marketplace fee of 20% on the subscription price, YPRED token holders get 10% and developer gets the rest, 70% (before taxes).