Market Predictions

Open platform to check asset price predictions Market Predictions platform is an open platform to check coins/securities price predictions at no cost. These predictions are generated through our in-house developed predictive models and selected marketplace developer's model. These free predictions aim to showcase endless possibilities for analyzing price trends through AI/ML-driven tools on yPredict platforms.

Many financial information websites and blogs offer predictions but do not disclose the source of predicted values, method of predictions, and status of their prediction authenticity.

Prominent features of Market Predictions by yPredict

Open (no login required) and free-forever platform

Publicly available price predictions for thousands of coins

Predictions generated through state-of-art financial prediction methods

Business Model

Market Predictions App aims to target crypto traders looking for predictions. This platform will serve as a source of inbound traffic for yPredict ecosystem. Providing visitors with free predictions as a preview of yPredict platform core offerings such as Analytics and Marketplace.

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