Designed to thrive and sustain with the growth of yPredict platforms

YPRED tokens are designed to empower, thrive and sustain the growth & economy of yPredict, an ecosystem of developers, quants, analysts and traders. At its core, it’s serving the needs of two primary participants in the yPredict ecosystem.

  1. Developers: Incentivizing developers for offering their predictive model on the platform. This creates a passive income opportunity for millions of AI/ML developers.

  2. Traders: Can use YPRED to purchase subscriptions to these predictive models listed on the platform and gets real-time signals through these models. Additionally, Just buying into the YPRED token gives them free access to the yPredict Analytics platform and high APY staking reward pools.

Predictive Models: These models are generated through predictive modelling, a mathematical technique using machine learning, and data mining to predict and forecast likely future outcomes.

Applied in financial markets including crypto to predict the future price of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Since the project incentivizes two primary groups; Developers and traders. This use of duo incentive mechanisms creates buying pressure for YPRED.

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