Buying YPRED

In this section, we will explain all the options available for securing your investment in YPRED tokens.
For a better user experience, we advise using either chrome, safari & firefox.
The buy widget on our token page offers several different ways to buy YPRED tokens. This buy widget does not require you to connect your wallet. Once you initiate an order, you would be asked to pay by sending payment to a unique one-time use address.

You can buy with the following currencies:

  • USDT (either on Ether, BSC or Matic chain)
  • Matic (Polygon Matic Chain)
  • Ethereum (ether chain)
  • BNB (BSC chain)

Pay via exchange withdrawal or defi wallet like metamask"

Ensure you have a minimum of $100 worth of selected payment coins in your dapp wallet or exchange wallet.
Follow the onscreen instructions on the website to either scan the QR code with your wallet or copy the wallet address and send the payment to this address within the 15-minute payment window.