How to Buy [Step by Step]

An absolute beginner guide that teaches you how to buy YPRED tokens.
If you're an absolute beginner. Here’s how you can get started.
Follow this tutorial step by step and ensure you don't miss out any steps otherwise, you may risk losing your funds.
  1. 1.
    Create an account with a centralized exchange like Binance or Coinbase.
  2. 2.
    Fund your account and buy Matic coins. Follow the onscreen instructions on the exchange account to successfully buy Matic Coins.
  3. 3.
    Once you have bought Matic coins, Create any Defi wallet. We recommend Metamask but you can install trust wallet or any defi wallet of your choice. Go to the app store, search for Metamask and install it, Follow the onscreen process to securely create your defi wallet address in the metamask app. Ensure to keep your seed phrase safe.
After setting up your MetaMask app, switch to Polygon Chain. Click on Ethereum Mainnet and then choose Polygon. Please note, user interface design may look different in iOS, Android and Chrome.
It may appear as just "Polygon" or "Matic Mainnet". Both are the same. You can choose either.
Next click on the address to copy it.
  1. 4.
    Now go back to your exchange account and make a withdrawal request. Follow their on-screen instructions to make a withdrawal. Select your purchased coin, "Matic" and then Select "Polygon" Chain as network wherever it asks for it. Next, Put your defi wallet address, as the withdrawal address. This is the one you copied in the previous step. Click confirm. Within a few minutes, you should see receive matic in your Metamask wallet.
Make sure to select the POLYGON Chain as a network during withdrawal, VERY IMPORTANT.
  1. 5.
    Once you receive matic in your wallet now you can start your YPRED token purchase.
  2. 6.
    Go to and initiate your purchase.
Enter the value of YPRED tokens you would like to purchase, and next click on Buy with Matic.
Make sure the Matic value displayed on the "Buy with Matic" button is slightly less than the balance you have in your defi wallet. As you would be required to pay around 0.05 Matic as gas fees. So keep a buffer in your wallet accordingly.
Enter your email address and click "Next"
Now you’ll get an address with its QR code to which you have to make the payment in 15 mins.
Next, open your meta mask app and click on the scan icon. If you've installed Metamask as a chrome extension then copy the wallet address by clicking the copy icon right under the QR code. Open your meta mask app, Click on send and paste this address.
If you've installed Metamask on your mobile. Scan the QR code provided on the yPredict website. Click the scan icon in the top right corner of your meta mask app. Alternatively, You can click on the "Send" button and then click on the scan icon to automatically paste the address in the "To" field.
Next, Enter the Matic qty, Make sure it's not less than the quantity displayed right above the QR Code. Where it says 'Pay [xx.xx] MATIC (Polygon)
And click Send/Confirm
If your sent amount is correct, within a few seconds, you’ll get a confirmation of Payment received on the screen.
Next, On the confirmation screen, ensure the address automatically fetched from the blockchain is YOUR metamask address and your email is also correct, then click “Allocate”.
That’s all, Within 12-24 hours you’ll receive an allocation for your YPRED tokens.
Once allocated, you can go to, Connect your metamask wallet to check your YPRED balance.
On the day of listing, you'll be able to transfer these YPRED tokens to your metamask and sell on the exchange wherever we get YPRED listed.